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Music : Death Cab For Cutie; They Might Be Giants; Maroon 5; The Cars; The Beach Boys; The Beatles; HIM; Silverchair; The Libertines

Movies : Kill Bill (both volumes); Star Wars (four through six); Love Actually; Moulin Rouge; Spider-man 2; Bridget Jones' Diary; Bend It Like Beckham; The Breakfast Club; Fight Club; Grease; Harry Potter; Lord of the Rings; The Princess Bride; Shrek

TV Shows : Sex and the City; That '70s Show; The O.C.; Dawson's Creek; Whose Line Is It Anyway?; 7th Heaven

Actors : Seth Green; James Franco; Ewan McGregor; Jake Gyllenhaal; Johnny Depp; John Corbett

Actresses : Uma Thurman; Angelina Jolie; Keira Knightley; Chloe Dykstra (!)

Food : French fries; shellfish; chocolate of any kind

Drinks : Water; root beer (floats); orange soda; vanilla coke; carrot-orange juice
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:D :D [09 Jan 2005|10:02am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Okay guys, last call for friending over at my BRAND, NEW, SHINY journal, smashing.

I know some of you who haven't added me aren't going to at all, just thought I'd post a heads-up for those who missed my last post & still adore me.

Things are crazy.

you made me feel shiny and new ... 1 did.

Why hello there. [20 May 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

FRIENDS ONLY. Here's the drill, folks:

01. Skim over my userinfo. If you like what you see, proceed. Just make sure you know what you're getting into.

02. Wow. Amazingly enough, you should add me first. There are some who never friend me at all and that seems rather pointless, doesn't it? D:<

03. Leave a comment on this journal. It's encouraged that you start your comment with "You should add me because" and then follow it up in ten words or less. Think of it as sort of an ad for yourself.

04. I'll check you out and if you look like someone I could be friends with, I'll add you back!

05. Next, I'll come back here and screen your comment because otherwise I'll still think I need to add you. Tad forgetful, I am.


NOTE: Want a sample entry? Have a question to ask me before you friend? Go ahead. Comment, ye fool.


you made me feel shiny and new ... 2 did.

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